President’s Report

Fellow Members,

I would like to welcome all our new members who have joined our great club over the last month.  We, as a committee are trying desperately to keep our golf course open during this pandemic.  Please continue to show patience and respect to all our volunteers who man the gate, travel around the course as marshalls and the bag inspectors.  Unfortunately, we have had a few people bringing alcohol onto our licenced premises, which not only risks our liquor licence but also the privilege of remaining open.

As for the “Spruce Up” of the club, we have finalized our plans for the flooring and this should be laid in the next couple of weeks.  Thanks to Rod Layt, Allan Warry, Col Baker and Steve Briggs for the repairs to our flooring and all the volunteers who helped remove the old carpet.  We are moving ahead with other improvements to the clubhouse and look forward to unveiling it sometime in the future.

Also, a very big thanks to Neil and Melinda Matthew who have kindly donated plants and their time to look after them, these will undoubtedly enhance our newly refurbished clubhouse.

I look forward to personally meeting our new members over the coming weeks.

Good Golfing

Vic Johnson, President


A special ANZAC tribute will be undertaken at 10am.  If on the course, we ask you to take a moment to remember our servicemen and woman past and present.

Greens Report  

G’Day Members,

Just a quick update on our capitol works programme.  At our meeting on Tuesday 21st April, our Treasurer confirmed that all funds are still available for our capitol works, however due to COVID 19 and its restrictions we are not able to utilize our Tuesday volunteers to their full capacity, therefore the major works of the dam extensions on the 13th and the piping and filling of the spoon drain on the 15th will be postponed until further notice.  We will be still doing the renovations on the 2nd, 5th and mens 10th “T” and maybe the filling of the bunkers on the 3rd fairway.  Meanwhile our course is still in great condition thanks to Steve and his staff.  Finally, welcome to all new members, I hope you all enjoy your time with us.

Good golfing

Allan Warry, Greens Director

Hi all,

Currently our greens have been struggling with several disease pressures as most of you may have noticed.  This has come on from doing a smaller renovation at the end of February and not pulling enough thatch out.  At the same time, we actually double renovated 6 and 8 and those greens have little to no disease due to more thatch being removed in February.  The initial disease we had was ectopic root infecting fungi (eri) and fusarium patch.  These two thrive on high thatch levels and weakened the turf allowing secondary pathogens including curvularia and couch mite to further damage the grass.  We have been spraying weekly fungicides and insecticides.  Also, we are trying to groom the greens weekly to remove any dead matter and remove as much thatch as we can before we hit the colder days and lose all growth recovery.

Hopefully we get on top of them sooner rather than later.

Stephen Milgate, Course Superintendent

Club Captain’s Report

Club Championships will be postponed until later this year when we can once again play in groups of 4. If restrictions are eased they would most likely be held around August/September.

Men’s Handicap Grades.  With the influx of new members the balance of handicap groups has tipped more towards the existing A and B grade groups and away from C grade which has historically been our largest grade. To balance the numbers between grades we shall need to change the handicap cut-off for each grade which would bring us into line with the vast majority of clubs in the country.

It would mean grades would be:-

A grade –  Daily Handicap of 12 or less

B Grade – Daily Handicap of 13 to 18

C Grade – Daily Handicap of 19 to 36


Distance Markers – Immovable Obstruction

There seems to be some misunderstanding of the rules regarding the distance markers on the course. These are deemed to be Immovable Obstructions. If these interfere with your swing or stance directly then you may take a free drop at the nearest point of relief. However, these markers MUST NOT be removed if they are in the intended path of your shot nor can you take relief from that if it is does not impede your swing or stance.

 Graham Rimmer, Club Captain


Pro Shop Report

First of all from the pro shop staff, we would like to welcome all our new members.  Due to the temporary closure of the clubhouse we have recently borrowed a pie warmer from the club and are pleased to provide a warm snack just in time for the cooler months, our coffee machine is also back up and running for your convenience.  You will notice that the tables and chairs have been removed to ensure we comply with COVID-19 restrictions.  We would like to thank all our members, visitors and guests for their patience during this difficult time and hope that all are keeping well and enjoying their exercise on the golf course. 

John & Vicky

Secretary Manager’s Report

Wow, what a rollercoaster ride the last month has been!  It was with great sadness that our bar & kitchen staff were stood down on Monday 23rd March only to be told that our entire course needed to close also less than 24 hours later.  This lead to a flurry of phone conversations with the committee and our State & Federal MPs, my initial plan was to make temporary changes to our liquor licence to ensure our members and guests could continue to enjoy our great game.  Thankfully, by that evening the QLD Chief Health Officer confirmed that golf could continue in QLD.  The staff, management committee and volunteers have done a fabulous job working together to implement the changes required to safely manage the risks and ensure we are compliant with all government requirements.

My office has been very busy over the past couple of weeks signing up a large number of ex Pelican Waters members due to the sudden closure of their club.  I have enjoyed meeting you all and I have heard some lovely feedback regarding the warm welcome you have received from not only the staff in the Pro shop but also the greens staff, volunteers and members.  I can’t wait to have you all enjoy a cold beverage in our refurbished clubhouse in the coming months.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the cooperation and patience you have shown to me during my first 6 months in the job, I didn’t expect as many challenges during this time and your encouragement has been refreshing during some difficult days.  I am excited for the future of Beerwah Golf Club and I can see some fun times ahead.

Tracy Odgers, Secretary Manager