Hi all,

We are pleased to announce that we will be returning to groups of 4 from this Saturday 16th May. Please find below a summary of the latest conditions.

Unfortunately, we have had a report of an alleged theft at our great club, at this stage we are hoping it is an honest mistake, for those that have Taylormade clubs, do you mind checking if you now have a 52 degree mill grind wedge instead of your 50 degree. We are also reviewing security footage and hope to return the correct club to its owner.

In good news, we seem to be experiencing an improvement with the booking system this week and would like to again express our appreciation to those that have shown understanding and patience.

Finally, our clubhouse renovations are coming along nicely, thanks again to all the volunteers who have assisted in the manual labour and also to Lea Garner who has spent many hours fundraising, you will no doubt see her around the club in the weeks to come selling raffle tickets again.

Tracy Odgers
Secretary Manager