Good afternoon to our valued members,

I would like to make a warm welcome to our many new members and provide some important information that has come about in the last week.


With the foam inserts there is chance that a ball may drop in the hole and then bounce back out due to the foam insert. In such a case the ball is deemed to have been holed. That does not apply if the ball strikes the flag stick and then ricochets away.

Bag checks
As everyone now appreciates, it is vital that no-one brings or consumes alcohol on the course. On Friday a player was asked to leave the club when alcohol was found in his bag and another unidentified player was said to be drinking rum on the course. These selfish individuals are risking the liquor licence for the club and the closure of the course for golf and that is not acceptable. It is a condition of entry to the course that all eskies and bags be made available for inspection by authorised staff or committee member. Anyone with alcohol on the course is risking your freedom to play golf. If you know someone that usually drinks on the course, stop them beforehand. If there is someone that will not listen then PLEASE, report them to a member of the committee. It is those doing the wrong thing that put everyone else’s rights at risk.

Tee Booking System
I know that everyone is experiencing difficulty with the tee booking system being slow. I have called micropower multiple times to try and get it sorted out and have done so again today. We are trying to get things improved but it is unfortunately out of our hands.

Cheers Graham