Costs so far $3,650 to Tony Pike from DSQ Surveys for contour & Detail Plans

Next cost from Justin Walch Consulting Engineers for design drawings and council fees $6,500. This has not been paid because the project must be completed within 2 years.

Factors to consider for this project:

1 It will be free at this stage if Granite Bulk Haulage can find a suitable project for the soil

2 Dirt left on site is not a problem, if it is removed there is more Government Red Tape to deal with.

3 Working on the costs for the Dam on 18th approximately 5 mgl our 20 mgl dam on the 15th will be approximately $175,000. We do not have full fairway watering so that cost is on top of the dam.

4 We have very limited funds which is our biggest problem. Hopefully we can secure some grant money over the next few years which I know the club will be working hard to achieve, until then rain will be our only saviour.

Thank you

Allan Warry

Greens Director