Club Dress Code

On the Course

Members and Visitors are required to be suitably dressed, within the dictates of modern custom and fashion, at all times.

The minimum standard of dress on the course and in the clubhouse generally, is acceptable modern styled casual wear.


Shoes – All Players Specialist golf shoes or similar footwear not likely to cause damage to greens, but metal spiked golf shoes are prohibited.

In the Clubhouse

Before 7pm

All clothing acceptable on the course is also acceptable in the Clubhouse. Working clothes are allowed in the clubhouse until 7pm. Shirts, shorts or slacks, clean golf footwear, sandals.


After 7pm

The minimum standard acceptable will be smart casual dress.



Banned from the course is working or “rough” wear including stubbies, singlets, football socks, tracksuits or worn and dirty clothing.

Beachwear is not considered to fit the definition of “styled casual wear”.

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