President’s Report

Fellow Members,

Firstly, I would like to congratulate all our wonderful volunteers who have in some way contributed to the upgrade of our great club.  We are hoping to be back to normal in July and everybody is eagerly awaiting this to happen.

Personally, I would like to commend all members for abiding by the rules set in place by Government due to COVID-19.  Please continue to follow directions and together we will keep our club heading in the right direction.

I look forward to the re-opening of “Upstairs” and trust that all members feel the same way.

Good Golfing

Vic Johnson, President


Greens Director Report


We have completed laying the new turf on the mens 10th T.  The rec-construction of the 2nd T and stormwater drainage will commence in approximately 2 weeks.  The new mounds on 3 have been commenced and turf from the old 10th T and the 2nd T is being re-used and I think it looks better already.

Steve and his crew have commenced the installation of the satellite irrigation system and the Tuesday volunteers will be able to assist if required.

Collar replacements on the 6th and 11th greens will commence shortly. 

I would also like to personally thank all volunteers for their time with our clubhouse renovations especially Rod who has gone over and above to get us to the position we are in now.

Thanks, good golfing

Allan Warry, Greens Director

Club Captain’s Report

With the number of new members that have joined recently it is probably a worthwhile time to refresh everyone on some of the local rules that apply

Bare Patches – a player may take relief form a bare patch on the SHORT MOWN FAIRWAY ONLY. There is no relief from bare patches in other areas. A divot ( whether sand filled or not ) is NOT classified as a bare patch and no relief may be taken.

Tree roots – a player may not take free relief from a tree root. If a player does wish to take relief then there is 1 shot penalty applied.

Power Lines & Posts – a player MUST replay the shot, without penalty, if the ball strikes either the power lines or posts

Out Of Bounds – Beerwah has NOT adopted the alternative rule offered in the 2019 changes. If a ball has been played into an Out of Bounds area then the shot must be replayed with the stroke and distance penalty applied.

Garden Beds – a ball entering a defined garden bed can be played at the nearest point of relief no closer to the hole. A Garden Bed is defined with white pegs and/ or with artificial surrounds such as concrete edging or timber edging. An area that is not defined in this way is part of the general area of the course and the ball should be played where it lies unless it is in a designated GUR area.

Carts – must be kept a minimum of 10 metres away from the green at all times.

Having reached a green, carts should be positioned to the sides or rear of the green so that players behind are not then delayed by waiting for players to move their carts. In particular, when playing the 15th hole carts should be left between the 15th green and 16th tee , well away from the approach to the 15th green.

Tee Bookings

We are expecting to be able to return to 2 tee bookings within the next few weeks once the Queensland government has indicated that larger gatherings are permitted. Once that has occurred we will issue a timetable for tee bookings which will return us to the booking of slots 15 days in advance. It will be done progressively over about a 2 week period so that we do not overwhelm the system.


As everyone can appreciate, getting a tee slot on Saturday is difficult at present. It is therefore very disappointing and disrespectful to other members when players do not turn up for their tee time or cancel at the last minute. This is depriving others of the opportunity to play in the Saturday competition. There have, unfortunately, been a number of instances over the last few weeks. The Committee does not wish to have to impose penalties but feel it may be necessary if this continues so I implore everyone to consider others and if you must cancel then please do so as early as possible the day before play.

Card Return

Over the last month we have had a lot of instances where players have failed to Save their scores when returning their cards. This results in an Unreturned card within the system. The competition is then closed with prizes issued and golflink updates done only to then be reversed and redone when a player calls the office the following day to say that his/her score has not been recorded. That is not fair to those that believe they have won a prize only for it to be taken away. Not to mention the rework involved.

It is the player’s responsibility to make sure that their score is entered and saved to the system. In future prize reports will not be reversed to accommodate a player that has failed to save their score.

Pace Of Play

Since moving back to groups of 4 it seems that some of the lessons learned with the smaller groups have been forgotten. In groups of 2 if a ball went out of bounds or into the water of a penalty there was not much time spent looking for the ball, it was accepted as gone and played moved on. Now there are 4 players all converging on the site, spending considerable time looking and then eventually going to their own ball to play the next shot. If a ball is out of bounds or in the water of a penalty area then the player should have a quick look to see if it can be found and if not then move on quickly. The 3 minutes to find a ball is when a ball may be playable if found – clearly that is not the case when the ball is known to be out of bounds or in the water.

 Graham Rimmer, Club Captain

Pro Shop Report

Over the past few months we have hosted a group of Professional Golfers on a number of Friday’s.  I am pleased to announce that next Friday we will be running a “Mini Pro-Am” and some of our sponsors will be playing alongside them.  We are hoping for some special visitors and all are invited as spectators provided social distancing requirements are adhered to.

John, Vicky & Robbie

Secretary/Managers Report

The day has finally come that many of us have been waiting for.  We will be opening the Spikes Bar tomorrow, Friday 5th June for seated patrons only.  There are strict procedures that need to be followed and we ask for your patience as we all get used to the “new” way of doing things. 

We will be able to seat up to 20 people in a designated area.  If all goes to plan we will have two designated areas, near the Pro Shop and on the veranda.  Please advise a staff member if you would like a table and we will seat you and take your order.  All patrons must advise their membership number and visitors must sign in to be accepted into the “designated” area. 

Unfortunately, we are still unable to sell food and beverages to be consumed on the course, it must be in one of our designated areas.

Tracy Odgers, Secretary Manager