Updated  Temporary Playing Conditions


As a result of the ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19 there are some changes to playing conditions which will remain until further notice.

 Recording of Scores – each player will mark their own card i.e no swapping of cards. Each player is required to verbally acknowledge the score for each hole with their marker. Both your own and your marker’s score should be entered onto the score card and the final results verbally agreed between the two. The player will only sign their own score card.  As scores are being manually entered there is no need to have a markers signature on the card.

Bunkers and Flag sticks – All bunkers are to be treated as GUR until further notice. Relief must be taken at the NEAREST point. If the nearest point means that the player must chip over the bunker then that must be done. The player may choose to play from the bunker if they wish but rakes will be removed from the course. Flag sticks will be removed from the course. A diagram with the rough hole locations will be given to each group. Please keep to 1 copy per group to limit the number of printed copies required.

 Thanks for your understanding at a time that is proving to be difficult for all


Graham Rimmer