Thank you to everyone for participating in the survey.

There was some interesting feedback and finding a balance will be interesting. One clear result is that Par events are certainly not everyone’s favourite with with all but a few Sunday players voting for “Never” while others seem to be Ok with every once in a while.

Here is a brief summary of results.

2 Ball Events

Never                   Quarterly             Every 2 Months                     Monthly

9%                          19%                              40%                         32%

Best Ball               Aggregate           Mixed

66%                        10%                        24%

Result – the mixed 2 Ball will be held as normal but for others the competition will sometimes be the same 2 Ball event and other times a single event

White Marker Stroke each month

Yes         No

66%        34%

Par Event

Never   Quarterly             Every Two Months          Every Month

28%           45%                     24%                                        3%


No          Yes

79%        21%

Result – No Par Events on Sunday.

Wednesday & Saturday – White marker stroke events will be 2 out of 3 months with a Par event on the other month ( roughly, depending upon other events during the month e.g Club Championship time)

Carnival Day

85% in favour of Carnival Day so no change to that fixture.


10 suggestions for Ambrose events

A couple of suggestions for long / straight drive holes mixed into some competitions

A couple asking for more match play.

There were also some comments asking about Mondays & Thursdays. I am sure that the relevant Seniors and Ladies match committees would appreciate your input concerning events on those days.

Again, thank you for the feedback and while it will not be possible to keep everyone happy all the time the information provided will hopefully keep the majority mostly satisfied


Graham Rimmer

Club Captain