G’day Members,

At our Management meeting on Wednesday 19th February our capital works for 2020 was approved.  Below are the jobs we will aim to complete this year.

  1. Install pipework across 15th and cover up so spoon drain will only be approx 600mm in depth.
  2. Batter 13th dam (drain) approx 3m back to fairway.  Install new drainage around 13th green.  Install grass mounds in old sand waste area.  Remove bunkers on third fairway, re-arrange drainage and build new grass mounds.
  3. Demolish 5th Tiger “T”.  Remove blocks on side of “T”, reshape and enlarge “T” to point at green.
  4. Relevel front 2nd “T”.  Replace turf on front and back “T”.  Relevel and replace turf on Mens 10th “T”.
  5. Raise spillway levels on main dam (15th) and 13th to give approx 2.5ml more water.

We feel these improvements will speed up play, dry out more sections of our course and give us more water storage which is always a bonus.  If you have any enquiries, please feel free to come and talk.

Happy Golfing

Allan Warry 

Greens Director